Simulcast - Tycho



  • Genre: Electronic
  • Release Date: 2020-02-28
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 8

  • ℗ 2020 Mom+Pop/Ninja Tune


Title Artist Time
Weather Tycho 4:14
Alright Tycho 4:02
Outer Sunset Tycho 4:10
Into the Woods Tycho 4:02
Easy Tycho 3:27
PCH Tycho 3:20
Cypress Tycho 6:14
Stress Tycho 5:05


  • Well Done

    By Me Mingo
    I’m so glad I discovered Tycho. Makes me happy in a weird nostalgic, childhood memory kind of way. I like to zone out to it but it’s a good accompaniment to anything I’m doing (driving, working, reading, chillaxin, gettin busy, sleeping). This album is SWEET!
  • Really amazing

    By Electric Skydog
    Such beautiful sounding music I’m really glad I found this album! A Big 5 Stars!
  • Waste of money

    By Achtungbaby91u2
    This is an album with songs that have already been released, 3 of the songs have different names but are the instrumental versions of previous songs with singing. Japan(instrumental) = Cyprus Pink and blue(instrumental) = PCH Easy, weather and stress were already released years prior to this album
  • Sounds great!!!

    By 415matt
    Now this is the Tycho we love to hear!!!
  • Soundtrack of a Dream

    By McKlausibear
    music for relaxing and recharging . perfect .
  • I like both versions but...

    By westcoastfeller
    I bought this one because I like instrumentals more in general. I could vibe into this version more. So good. Also I don’t stream because I like to actually own good music. For some reason I feel more connected to it when it’s been purchased. It’s probably an ego identity thing haha. It’s mine now, all mine!!
  • You are forgiven

    By eraserewind
    Anyone else see this as an apology for that last album? I do and I forgive you 100%.
  • Ok..but when are the songs going to sound different

    By ultramet
    Monotonous eight notes. Nice but repetitive ambient soundscapes. No Phillip Glass here. Enjoyable but nothing new. Music to type to.
  • Amazing

    By FeRnoir
    Purchased done! And I bought it in vinyl too. Amazing brilliant work!!!
  • Coherence of Concept

    By Ancient Jetties
    Acoustic-analog soul with a computer chip, or computer chip with an acoustic-analog soul? Yes. Tycho/Scott circled back to weave a distinct sonic tapestry out of Weather's core instrumental, with special attention to sequence and detail. It's tighter and -- I think -- restorative, drifty, uplifting and contemplative in ways that echo previous albums; I'm partial to fuzzy analog shades of Past is Prologue when I hear them. And with the group backed by an experimental yet metronomic drummer like Rory, a bizarre hybrid humanoid who melds drummer and drum machine, simultaneously leaving both in the dust -- we're off to another dimension. Good stuff for LEAP DAY 2020, it just so happens...