Walk the Sky - Alter Bridge

Walk the Sky

Alter Bridge

  • Genre: Hard Rock
  • Release Date: 2019-10-18
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 14

  • ℗ 2019 Napalm Records Handels Gmbh


Title Artist Time
One Life Alter Bridge 1:23
Wouldn't You Rather Alter Bridge 3:49
In the Deep Alter Bridge 3:50
Godspeed Alter Bridge 4:16
Native Son Alter Bridge 4:15
Take the Crown Alter Bridge 4:47
Indoctrination Alter Bridge 4:40
The Bitter End Alter Bridge 3:44
Pay No Mind Alter Bridge 4:16
Forever Falling Alter Bridge 5:10
Clear Horizon Alter Bridge 4:56
Walking on the Sky Alter Bridge 4:55
Tear Us Apart Alter Bridge 4:31
Dying Light Alter Bridge 5:46


  • Walk the sky

    By Brett tilius
    Awesome production
  • Great album. Band deserves more attention.

    By Calebffhchjchkg
    The sound and vocals on this album are fantastic! I think it would be interesting to hear how good the band would sound as wholly pop rock, with less, higher quality guitar, but then a moment or of 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥guitar/bass, with fast drums throughout. Keep the ELECTRONIC though, try to write the songs like new artists do, with video which are not just touring/performing, but going to amazing, beautiful places which reflect the meaning of the song. I think this band more pop would show the entire music industry who’s the freakin’ boss, not the lackluster generic pop singers that produce a solo record that gets billions of hits on youtube. Top 1% Alter Bridge fan here on *cough* Spotify, I believe this, along with One Day Remains, are the bands best album’s to date. Rock Forever Myles, Mark, Flip, and Brian!🤟🏻
  • An album with depth

    By petr$
    If you love AB and their maturity as awesome musicians then give this album a listen you will love it
  • “T A K E T H E C R O W N”

    By warriorBRIDE\o/
  • It’s just meh

    By ReVuNickname
    Not much great guitar work. A bit of a vanilla album. Disappointing.
  • Flawless 😍😍😍!!!!

    By Castlefreak1
    I remember when they first came out I thought a creed remake boy was I wrong! There a different breed and there’s a reason why Mark Tremonti is guitarists of the decade!!! Miles is amazing the notes he hits... I’m a fan for sure and the last two albums have me hooked I honestly can’t say enough about Alter Bridge they Rock n Roll without question! Really the only rock album I’ve had on repeat!!!! 🤘on Brothers!!!
  • Blah! Ain’t got it any more.

    By BranDamme
    First 3 albums were awesome but have been sinking since. Stapp’s new album is awesome though. Ironic.
  • Album #6

    By Patrick M. Doran
    I have always felt that Alter Bridge has straddled the line between hard rock and heavy metal. On 'Walk the Sky', they stay more in the hard rock lane. Perhaps only having five weeks to record the album is to blame, but the metal elements of the band's previous material are largely absent. There are some heavy riffs, no doubt, but the intricate solos and double bass passages are gone. Yes, Tremonti has some nice lead work, but they're few and far between. Overall, the album is worth having, but it's not their best.
  • Kind of meh

    By TigersJC86
    I’ve been a fan of these guys since the first album but this record felt a little forced. I don’t have a problem with it being heavy but the riffs just don’t do much for me on this album. The record feels like one long song without much standout anywhere. Hopefully, next album they’ll have taken some time off and come up with something special
  • The music is flat and over compressed

    By fudge happens
    I’ve been a longtime fan of Alter Bridge. They’ve had consistently put out awesome records, however this one literally falls flat. The producer over compressed the highs. Listening to the album on a long drive was the real test, volume was up and I tried getting a feel for the music. It’s just not there on this one. The cymbals and highs from the guitars are missing. The keyboard is a nice change but overall the music is a bit muddy, it’s unbalanced. I really hope they remaster this in the future.